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What would happen to a cell if its mitochondria were removed?

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When explaining dominant and recessive traits to a younger family member, they respond, "well chances are i can probably taste ptc, since dominant traits are more common." how might you address this misconception?
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What is the role of pancreatic juice in digestion?
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You have trained year for a marathon. in your first attempt to run a marathon, you decide that you want to complete this 26-mile race in 4-5 hours. a. what is the length of a marathon in kilometers (1mile= 1.6 kilometers). b. what would your average speed have to be to complete the race 4.5 hours? give your answer in kilometers per hour.
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Ts assignment - snow day assignment genetic variation and natural selection natural selection relies on genetic variation. in any population of beetles, there are alleles for brown or green color. what happens to the genotype and the phenotype of the beetle population when there are distinct advantages and disadvantages due to color? order the steps that take place during natural selection in this beetle population.
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What would happen to a cell if its mitochondria were removed?...