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Match the policy or organization with the event over which it has jurisdiction. 1 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
2. North American Free Trade Agreement
3. World Trade Organization

South Africa raised its tariffs on
goods imported from India.

China discovered that Japan had
sold diseased meats to the country.

Canada wants to begin selling
animal pelts in Mexico.
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Study the image. which feature is modeled in the diagram? check all that apply. 1 a convergent boundary is formed. 2 continental plates are colliding. 3 two plates are forming a divergent boundary. 4 continental plates are sliding past each other. 5 several mid-ocean ridges are formed on earth’s surface.
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I’m his published 95 theses,martin luther protested against? a-the selling of indulgences within the catholic church b-the belief in predestination c-the worshipping of statues of saints d- the catholic church focus on faith as the sole means of salvation
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Which region was the hearth for the largest number of agricultural animals such as pigs sheep and cows
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If we review the changes in the landscape surrounding the great salt lake in utah we can see a change in topography. look at the area to the south of the lake. what change has occurred during the last twenty-nine years? a) erosion of the hills b) an increase in marshland c) flooding of the area and the development of wetlands d) deposition of sediments and an increase in elevation
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Match the policy or organization with the event over which it has jurisdiction. 1 General Agreemen...
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